The annual general meeting of the SMCC will be held on 13/11/2018 at our clubrooms at 45 Riversdale Rd Newtown. This being the 1st meeting for the month there will be a BBQ meal provided from about 6.30 prior to the meeting around 7.30pm

All positions are declared vacant and open for election of any SMCC members who have been, or are nominated on the night.

We are always looking for some new faces to take on some of the roles to keep YOUR club active and growing, so don’t be afraid to put your hand up to help, even if you are not sure exactly what is involved there will always be someone there to help when required.

There are quite a few members in current positions who have been doing it for a while and are keen to hand over the reins to some fresh blood who maybe could come up with some new and refreshing ideas or just carry on the excellent work of these devoted members have been doing.

Hope to see you there. Mal