Ride Reports

Monday Red Plate Ride 08-11-21

Great ride today, out through the paddocks of Ceres then down through Freshwater creek towards Torquay and cross to Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove, finishing up at the Flying Brick Cider Co in Wallington, 8 bikes & 1 car, Approx 90km round trip, wide variety of machines, Come along next Monday, all welcome.

A story relating to Portarlington Nov. 1949 – Allan Wembridge

By now I had a 1948AJS, Mum complained  Motorbike racing was dangerous, I disagreed and convinced her to come to  Portarlington, I sat her on a hill right opposite the pits,  all went well until the 350cc race, Aleck Smith on his Jap (using some vicious fuel)  fell of right in front of the pits, the Jap caught fire with lots of smoke! Aleck had his leg caught,  Alf Berry ran out to help just as Phil Williams came round and in the smoke Phil ran into Alf and broke his leg!, Aleck was unhurt, no Ambulance in those days, one of the boys had to ride into Portarlington and get one,  Mum never went to any more races,  strangely some days later she said to me “Racing is not as dangerous as I thought”

Sunday 10th of October – Grenville Dirt ride – Mark Gross & Phil Nelson

A great day had by all, about twenty members rode with a big range of bikes, from very old to very new. Thanks Mark & Phil for a very well organised day.