Welcome to 2019, We hope to see more of our members join in club organised activities this coming year to validate and encourage the members who go to the effort of doing the organisation of them. We will be having a variety of rides on the 2nd Sunday of each month to suit all needs and tastes, all starting form our clubrooms at 9.30am. I will post all information about what is upcoming and give a brief report on each one as they progress. If any members have ideas about rides or destinations they would like to visit just let us know and we will see what we can organise around them.

Our February ride on Sunday 10th has been organised by Noel Wills, he will be leading the ride by roads of his own choice to Ballan for a coffee and snack/lunch before returning home. Come along and enjoy the day, and as always this invite is for all members, car or bike, old or new. These rides are NOT just for Classic Historic registered vehicles.

The usual applies, that if it’s stinking hot or bucketing down the ride may be deferred to a more enjoyable day, because, after all we ride to have fun.


Not sure how many of our members check this site as I keep getting questions on how and where to renew memberships and Club Permits. We now do all of these at club meetings on 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month at the clubrooms or via mail to our PO Box with a stamped self addressed envelope enclosed, and don’t forget to bring your current membership card with you or a copy of it if you do it by post. Details of meeting times and location are listed on this website as well as upcoming events and reports, so put it in your favourites list and check it regularly if you are interested in what your club is doing for you and other members.


Hoping everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.                     January being the peak of the holidays we have NOT got a ride organised on the 2nd Sunday, however we will meeting at the clubrooms on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday evenings to do membership and permit renewals as usual.

Rides will resume on the 2nd Sunday in February meeting at  the clubrooms at 9.00am for the usual 9.30 start. hope to see you there. Mal


For the last event of the year on Saturday 8th December we are having a ride/drive , show & shine and BBQ. There will be 2 rides starting from the clubrooms around 1.30pm, one suitable for the older and maybe slower bikes or riders for about 1>1.5hrs and another for a similar time but more suited to those who like to go a bit faster or further. I will lead one ride and our new El Presidento Jim will lead the other. I refer to these as rides but of course any of our members with interesting cars are welcome to come along, or if you don’t want to ride on the day, there will be a bit of a show & shine with vehicles on display at the clubrooms from about 3.00pm onwards followed by a BBQ and refreshments. Hope to see you all there. Mal


We were greeted on the morning by sunshine and the ideal temperature for a ride/drive.

Around 35 riders and a couple of cars joined in for a ride through the Barrabool hills to Moriac for morning tea at Ravens Creek Berry Farm, then onto Whites Beach at Torquay for a BBQ lunch. Thanks to all the members and their partners who helped out on the day with marshalling and lunch preparations, everything seemed to run smoothly and by the smiles on everyones faces I think it was a successful day all round. See you in December for the last ride of the year and Xmas breakup on 8th Dec. Mal


TORQUAY T.T. 11/11/2018

Well it’s coming up soon, so get those bikes dusted off and out from under the covers for the annual Torquay Tiddler Tour. The rules are simple, just ride the smallest or oldest bike you have available for a bit of fun on the day. We will be meeting at the clubrooms at 9.00am for a 9.30 departure as per usual. There will be a back up trailer and we will be putting on a BBQ lunch on the foreshore at Torquay. It won’t be a fast or long ride, but hopefully it will be a good one. Hope to see you there. Mal


The annual general meeting of the SMCC will be held on 13/11/2018 at our clubrooms at 45 Riversdale Rd Newtown. This being the 1st meeting for the month there will be a BBQ meal provided from about 6.30 prior to the meeting around 7.30pm

All positions are declared vacant and open for election of any SMCC members who have been, or are nominated on the night.

We are always looking for some new faces to take on some of the roles to keep YOUR club active and growing, so don’t be afraid to put your hand up to help, even if you are not sure exactly what is involved there will always be someone there to help when required.

There are quite a few members in current positions who have been doing it for a while and are keen to hand over the reins to some fresh blood who maybe could come up with some new and refreshing ideas or just carry on the excellent work of these devoted members have been doing.

Hope to see you there. Mal