Now that we seem to be coming to an end of most of our restrictions due to Covid, the regular rides will resume.

As previous to lockdown the rides are on the 2nd Sunday of the month, starting from our clubrooms in Riversdale Rd.

We meet around 9.00am and leave at 9.30am. The destination of rides vary depending on what is on and who organises them. Some are just for a morning coffee and some are more extended or to an event or place of interest.

We welcome all club members to come along, bike or car, old or new and you are most welcome to bring along a friend or prospective new member.

We are always on the lookout for ideas or a reason to go somewhere, so if you have any suggestions or know about upcoming events, feel free to speak up, or if you wish to organise a ride and are not quite sure what to do, don’t hesitate to ask and someone will always help. If there are events that don’t coincide with our normal rides we can always arrange a change or an extra ride.

With all that said we are looking for someone to put their hand for the next ride on April 11th. If you would like to help just message me via the webpage or call on 0455-505148. Thanks Mal Loone.


Just a note to let it be known that our regularly monthly ride on the 2nd Sundays will resume this coming Sunday 14th Feb. Meeting at the clubrooms around 9.00 for a start at 9.30 sharp, destination to be decided on the morning.

Looking for any members who are willing to organise future rides, it’s not hard, all you need to do is decide a destination and plan the route, we will help with the running on the day. By having different members deciding where to go, we get a variety of types of rides and places to visit to increase our enjoyment.


Great turnout of bikes and riders of very mixed breeds, ages and sizes, for our 2 rides at our end of year get together. The T.T ride saw us cover 80klm before returning to the clubrooms. A couple of small hiccups with the older bikes with only one coming home in the trailer due to tiredness of the mechanical components.

Thanks to all who attended in making it a very enjoyable and relaxed ride, and thanks to Jill Loone for driving the backup vehicle.


Hi all, On the 12/12/2020 our club breakup will be on at our clubrooms from around 12.30 onwards.

The plan is to have 2 rides running in the afternoon, returning to the clubrooms for refreshments and a bite.

One ride will be the Sporties T.T. (Tiddler Tour) /for the smaller capacity and older bikes and the other for newer and/or faster bikes & riders.


At our AGM, the Committee was pleased to announce 2 new life members. Congratulations to our newest Life Members, Mark Gross and Stuart Turner.

Both of these members have for many years had a great input into our club and helped to make it the success it is today and both are still involved with our progress into the future. It’s members like them that are our success formula.


In a year like it has been for all of us, here is another change to our activities.

Instead of the TORQUAY T.T. , from now on it will be called the SPORTIES T.T. To be held on 12/12/2020 both starting and finishing from our clubrooms. Being on a Saturday it will be and afternoon ride, meeting from around 12.30pm with a departure time of 1.30pm. The same guidelines apply that you come along on the smallest capacity or oldest bike you have access to, but naturally everyone is welcome no matter what form of transport.

Being a TIDDLER TOUR it won’t be a fast or a long ride but it should be just as much fun as previous years. Just another reason to go for a ride really.

It will also incorporate our club end of year breakup, so those members who don’t wish to ride on the day can also be a part of the fun on the day, or just come along to the clubrooms for a few refreshments, a bit of tucker and a chat. Hope to see you all there.


Due to excess traffic around our previous starting point at Buckleys car park we have decided to now start from Barrabool Rd, just past the Macintyre walk bridge heading west towards Highton, on the right hand side of the road in the car park near the toilet block. Meet and start time remain the same at 9.00am and 9.30am respectively.