An invitation is extended to all club members to come along to the Xmas Breakup BBQ starting from 2.00pm at our clubrooms on Saturday 7/12/2019 and a ride the following morning for a coffee if you feel like it. We would like to have a SHOW & SHINE of some of your favourite toys for a photo shoot for the next 3 years in the build up to our 90th Anniversary of the Clubs founding in 2022. So bring along some of your bikes or cars and it doesn’t matter if they are old, new, road, dirt, race, historic, project, family history or just plain interesting. We are hoping for a great response from our members both past and present.

On Sunday Dec 8th we will also have a morning coffee ride from the clubrooms meeting around 9.00am starting at 9.30 for anyone who is interested. It will not be a long ride and we will be back by lunch time.


The annual Torquay T T went off without a hitch with 19 riders and an eclectic mix of bikes of all ages and sizes enjoying the day. We left the clubrooms and headed out through Ceres, then via Gnarwarre, Buckley, and onto Moriac for a coffee. From there we headed down to Vickeries Rd and into Bellbrae before heading to the lunch stop in the park on Pt Impossible Rd Torquay for a BBQ lunch and a bit of fun. Len took out the coveted “Snail of the Day” award for the slowest rider with an impressive display of bike control in the slow ride. Thanks to Jill and Joanne for doing all the work in the lunch preparation and cooking, and for the the club members who pitched in to help. No one had use of the backup trailer until after the event, where it had a visit from and old Indian and a Sunbeam both of which were too tired for the ride home and feigned breakdowns.

Overall I think it was another successful event but would like to see a few more club members support our events that we put on each month.

SMCC AGM 12/11/2019

All members are invited along to our Annual General Meeting on 12/11/ 2019 at our clubrooms at 45 Riversdale Rd Newtown for the election of office bearers and officials.

There will be a BBQ happening prior to the meeting.

All positions will be declared vacant on the night and we are hoping to get a bit of new blood in our team. So if anyone is thinking of helping the club out and are not sure how they can or what is involved in certain positions please feel free to ask, and if you do put your hand up or are nominated for a position I am sure the person departing that position in the club will help you out to learn the ropes.

Remember this is a member based club, run by members for our members.

Hope to see a good member turnout on the night and to fill all positions so as the club can continue to move forward.

See you there. Mal Loone


The October ride on 13/10/2019 is themed the EUROPEAN BIKE DAY . We plan a trip around the Geelong area for about an hour, then to Packo Raw for a snack & coffee. So if you have a European or English bike (no Brexit Yet) dust it off and bring it along. Naturally all brands of bikes and club members & friends are welcome to come along and join us. If there are a few interesting bikes we will have a bit of a display at the cafe while we indulge.

The November 10th ride is set aside for the annual running of the now famous Torquay T T ( Tiddler Tour). Simply come along on the smallest capacity or oldest bike you have access to, but if you only have a larger capacity or late model, it doesn’t matter, still come along and enjoy the fun with the understanding it will be a slower ride. The ride is set to end at the Torquay foreshore where we will provide a BBQ lunch. We will have a few refreshments available. Riders are asked for a $5 donation on the day to cover expenses. There will be a back up trailer on this ride for any breakdowns.

Both rides will start from our clubrooms in Riversdale Road, meeting around 9.00am for a 9.30 departure.


We had 14 riders at the clubrooms for the ride, headed toward Inverleigh, then on to Teasdale for a stop and coffee. Out through Shelford and on to Mt Mercer for a lap around the wind farm block before heading south west via Dereel, Corindhap to Rokewood for a re-group. The onto Cressy and Winchelsea via Eurack. Some riders stayed for lunch and coffee and some headed for home from there. Not much rain on the ride, just enough to get your gear a bit wet. We did have a couple of riders doing a few extra kms due to the usual problem of Corner Marshalls leaving their posts before the tail rider appeared, but apart from that no problems. Thanks to Mark Gross for leading the ride and Beak for being TEC. Hope to see you on the next ride in October. Details posted soon.


Our September 8th ride will be leaving from our clubrooms at 9.30am for a ride to Inverleigh for morning tea, then a loop around back to Winchelsea for lunch before returning home to Geelong. All welcome, old or new, bike or car. This ride was originally planned for August but postponed due to the weather on the day. Thanks to Mark Gross and Ross Johnston for planning it out . Hope to see you there supporting our club members who put in the effort for us to enjoy.


Given the weather conditions on the day it was decided to postpone the planned ride. However three riders ventured out at 9.30 from the clubrooms to the Berry Farm at Moriac for breakfast. Heavy shower on the way and very wet roads. The return ride around 11.00 was dry .

Don’t forget the next ride is scheduled for 8/09/19, the second Sunday in September. Details will be posted as they come to hand.


There will be the regular ride from the clubrooms on the 11th August, meeting around 9.00am for a 9.30am departure.

More details will be posted as they come to hand, every one welcome to come along. Mal.

News to hand just now 5/08/19, the planned ride is for about 220klms with a morning coffee stop at Inverleigh and lunch in Winchelsea on the way home. However the weather may not be kind to us by the look of the forecast at this stage so we will have to wait and see what develops, we may have to postpone the ride if predictions are correct and the rider consensus agrees. Mal

Casual Ride this Sunday

Due to circumstances beyond our control… There’ll be a casual ride leaving the club rooms this Sunday at 9.30am .. be there at 9am to work out where is going ! Unless you want to volunteer to lead a ride somewhere ! Cheers !


Thanks to our Pres who organised a short ride for the morning to Lorne for a coffee and return in time for Mother’s Day lunch for those of us who had family gatherings. Only a few riders but all enjoyed the ride, a bit cool and damp, but it is almost Winter so we have to expect that. Mal