We had 14 riders at the clubrooms for the ride, headed toward Inverleigh, then on to Teasdale for a stop and coffee. Out through Shelford and on to Mt Mercer for a lap around the wind farm block before heading south west via Dereel, Corindhap to Rokewood for a re-group. The onto Cressy and Winchelsea via Eurack. Some riders stayed for lunch and coffee and some headed for home from there. Not much rain on the ride, just enough to get your gear a bit wet. We did have a couple of riders doing a few extra kms due to the usual problem of Corner Marshalls leaving their posts before the tail rider appeared, but apart from that no problems. Thanks to Mark Gross for leading the ride and Beak for being TEC. Hope to see you on the next ride in October. Details posted soon.


Our September 8th ride will be leaving from our clubrooms at 9.30am for a ride to Inverleigh for morning tea, then a loop around back to Winchelsea for lunch before returning home to Geelong. All welcome, old or new, bike or car. This ride was originally planned for August but postponed due to the weather on the day. Thanks to Mark Gross and Ross Johnston for planning it out . Hope to see you there supporting our club members who put in the effort for us to enjoy.


Given the weather conditions on the day it was decided to postpone the planned ride. However three riders ventured out at 9.30 from the clubrooms to the Berry Farm at Moriac for breakfast. Heavy shower on the way and very wet roads. The return ride around 11.00 was dry .

Don’t forget the next ride is scheduled for 8/09/19, the second Sunday in September. Details will be posted as they come to hand.


There will be the regular ride from the clubrooms on the 11th August, meeting around 9.00am for a 9.30am departure.

More details will be posted as they come to hand, every one welcome to come along. Mal.

News to hand just now 5/08/19, the planned ride is for about 220klms with a morning coffee stop at Inverleigh and lunch in Winchelsea on the way home. However the weather may not be kind to us by the look of the forecast at this stage so we will have to wait and see what develops, we may have to postpone the ride if predictions are correct and the rider consensus agrees. Mal

Casual Ride this Sunday

Due to circumstances beyond our control… There’ll be a casual ride leaving the club rooms this Sunday at 9.30am .. be there at 9am to work out where is going ! Unless you want to volunteer to lead a ride somewhere ! Cheers !


Thanks to our Pres who organised a short ride for the morning to Lorne for a coffee and return in time for Mother’s Day lunch for those of us who had family gatherings. Only a few riders but all enjoyed the ride, a bit cool and damp, but it is almost Winter so we have to expect that. Mal


The club ride this month coincides with Mother’s Day, so I’ll make it a short one to Lorne and back via Deans Marsh. Leaving from the clubrooms, stands up at 9.30am this Sunday. I hope that suits a few riders! All bikes and riders welcome. We should be back well before 12 noon. See you then! Pres…