Happy 89th Birthday to 1953 SMCC club champion – Dave Jeremiah

Happy 89th Birthday today (1/10/2021) to 1953 SMCC club champion Dave Jeremiah pictured here with his championship sash. Coincidentally David was born in 1932, the same year SMCC was foundered.

Dave grew up and has spent all his life in the East Geelong / Newcombe area where motorcycles became a big part of life for him and his mates pictured here.
Pictured here is a page from the program on the day Dave won the championship in 1953.
At the time Dave rode a 500cc Ariel with an alloy barrel and shaved head running on Petrol/Benzol mixture.
With lots of other mods, it was tuned up rather nicely and was a bit of a rocket ship.
Dave remembers the track out on the Melbourne Rd with a very sandy first corner and a really long back straight.
Once he came out of the first turn in the lead they couldn’t catch him on the almighty Ariel.
A few more photos here of Dave back in his heyday and at the races with his mates.

Thanks to our historic records custodians and generosity of former club members, we have managed to collate a variety of interesting club memorabilia. We are excited to be able to celebrate Daves milestone today and recognise him as one of the many champions who have contributed to the rich and diverse history of the Sporting Motorcycle Club over the past 89 years.