In a year like it has been for all of us, here is another change to our activities.

Instead of the TORQUAY T.T. , from now on it will be called the SPORTIES T.T. To be held on 12/12/2020 both starting and finishing from our clubrooms. Being on a Saturday it will be and afternoon ride, meeting from around 12.30pm with a departure time of 1.30pm. The same guidelines apply that you come along on the smallest capacity or oldest bike you have access to, but naturally everyone is welcome no matter what form of transport.

Being a TIDDLER TOUR it won’t be a fast or a long ride but it should be just as much fun as previous years. Just another reason to go for a ride really.

It will also incorporate our club end of year breakup, so those members who don’t wish to ride on the day can also be a part of the fun on the day, or just come along to the clubrooms for a few refreshments, a bit of tucker and a chat. Hope to see you all there.