Welcome to 2019, We hope to see more of our members join in club organised activities this coming year to validate and encourage the members who go to the effort of doing the organisation of them. We will be having a variety of rides on the 2nd Sunday of each month to suit all needs and tastes, all starting form our clubrooms at 9.30am. I will post all information about what is upcoming and give a brief report on each one as they progress. If any members have ideas about rides or destinations they would like to visit just let us know and we will see what we can organise around them.

Our February ride on Sunday 10th has been organised by Noel Wills, he will be leading the ride by roads of his own choice to Ballan for a coffee and snack/lunch before returning home. Come along and enjoy the day, and as always this invite is for all members, car or bike, old or new. These rides are NOT just for Classic Historic registered vehicles.

The usual applies, that if it’s stinking hot or bucketing down the ride may be deferred to a more enjoyable day, because, after all we ride to have fun.