We would like to establish regular rides/drives for the Sporting MCC, using the second Sundays of the month for starters, but it could be on any day or even weekdays for the retired ones among us. We are calling for volunteers to help organise them. The rides could be anything from a simple local ride for breakfast, morning coffee or lunch to full day rides to any venue or event you may be interested in or even shed visits to our members with something interesting to show. Not much is involved to set up a ride, simply forward me the details and I can post them on the web.

It would be nice to have a mix of rides of different lengths and speeds and surfaces to suit the different types of vehicles we have in the club, from older red plates to more modern red plates to even newer bikes or cars on full rego. I would suggest maybe starting each ride from our clubrooms but this may depend on individual circumstances.

Remember this is your club and part of the conditions of being a member is to help at a couple of events per year, so this is the perfect way to do so and it takes very little time and effort to be involved. If you would like to help  or organise something all you need to do is send  me the details at  and I will post them on this site, or if you want more details or help I can be contacted on 0455-505148.

I am still happy to organise the ones I do now like the Giro Geelong & the Torquay T T but I feel we need a few more helpers because I can’t do it all.

Thanks in advance Mal Loone