Club 90 Year Anniversary ride

The club is holding a major event on Sunday April the 10th 2022 to celebrate 90 years since the original club organised ride in 1932, the ride was approx 130km and most roads would have been unsealed and members would have most likely been on 1920s machines, so instead of being a casual Sunday ride it would have been a reliability challenge for both bikes and riders.

Things have definitely changed a lot since then, all roads on the route are sealed, bikes & tyres are more reliable. But one thing hasn’t changed – people’s passion for their machines & getting out on the road with their mates.

Meet at the clubrooms around 8.30am to 9.00am with the welcome and rider briefing starting at 9.15am, with the first riders leaving at 9.30am. The plan is to send riders off in small groups of around 10>20 for the safety of the riders and other roads users with the older and slower bikes heading off first, followed by the more moderns. If you can arrange a few of your mates to ride with it would make it a lot easier for the organisers. Don’t forget you have to check in to collect your goodies before you head off , so allow a bit of time for that process to make it easier on our volunteers who will be working on the day.

A map will be provided at check in for riders to follow with reference points along the way, with a contact number of our breakdown vehicle if you need help. The plan is for the breakdown van to do a sweep lap of the course after the last rider leaves, so if you need help it shouldn’t be too far away.

All Members are invited to attend this event on April the 10th, and help the club celebrate an amazing milestone. Meet at the clubrooms, a halfway stop near Anakie for Coffee then continue back to the clubrooms for a provided lunch, backup / recovery vehicles will be on standby.

Members are encouraged to register their intention to ride or attend on the Clubs 90 Year Anniversary Ride

If you are a current member or previous senior / veteran member and you plan to help celebrate the clubs 90 year anniversary by riding or attending on the day, please register below.

If you pre-register you will lock in your specially produced complimentary 90 Years of the SMCC commemorative swag, including club branded T-Shirt, Patch & Head Scarf. It will also help the club gauge numbers of attendees on the day.

There will be some members completing the route in cars, our current and previous senior / veteran members would be welcome to accompany members using cars & be part of this special day, please indicate if you need to hitch a lift !

Click Here to Pre-Register for this amazing event

Here is an overview of the route.