On Sunday the 15th September we held our inaugural Biker’s Breakfast. We wanted to have a fundraiser and bring together guys from all walks of motorcycle life, whether it be old bikes, new bikes, Harleys or Jap bikes, race bikes or restored showpieces. The aim was purely to get together and network. Our long term vision is to have this as an annual event, with the proceeds going towards someone needy within the local precinct.

On this day we were very lucky in regards to the weather, as it was the first warm riding day the year. We initially were catering for 50 bikers, but as the event drew closer we realised our numbers were swelling and on the day we had approximately 200 people attending the event, this totally exceeded our expectations. During the course of the morning we spoke to people from as far away as Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Melton, Caulfield, Geelong and Ballarat.

The charity of the day was my son’s science forum that he wanted to attend, 50% of the fee to attend this forum had to be fundraised by the recipient, and Rotary contributed the other 50%. This was a big task for us, as we had to raise about $1500. We were hoping to raise about $600 from the event, but ended up raising the full $1500 (nearly to the dollar). This was achieved by selling bacon & egg sandwiches, sausages, a limited amount of cakes, soft drinks, tea & coffee, as well as holding a raffle. The generosity of some of the attendees in regards to the raffle was astonishing, as we feel a considerable margin of the proceeds came from the raffle. The coffee van didn’t charge a fee to hire his services, he donated 50c per cup of coffee to the cause, which was muchly appreciated.

A big thank you to all the Sporting Motorcycles guys who came along, hopefully we will see more next year.


Tom and Andrew Boardman