Perfect weather and a good company, what more could you ask for?

We had 25 riders leave the clubrooms and head for our 1st stop at Barwon Heads for a coffee beside the river mouth. Lots of interested onlookers at the parked up bikes. Then it was a pleasant ride along 13th Beach to the Black Rock facility where we staged a time and distance test, a couple of small snags in running it but we completed the task enough to get a result, some fine tuning needed for the next time. Back onto the bikes for the trip to Torquay for a cool drink and a BBQ on the foreshore. Everyone completed the trip without breakdowns or incident. A big thank you to Jill Loone for driving the backup vehicle and thanks to everyone who chipped in and helped with the BBQ, which by all accounts went off well. a couple of fun awards were made then everyone drifted off their own way home at their leisure.

Great to see some stunning machinery being brought out of the sheds and enjoyed by their owners. I hope everyone enjoyed the day and as usual we are always open to suggestions for improvement or to include any new ideas to add to the enjoyment of the ride.

What we do need is more old and or smaller capacity bikes to come along. A change of criteria for next year will be the smallest or oldest bike you have available to ride.

Thanks everyone for the support. Mal